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At Podium Vehicles, we strive to make high-end and classic car ownership stress-free. We offer a wide range of concierge services that help keep your vehicles in top condition, giving you peace of mind when you're ready for your next drive.

Check-ins & Maintenance

As one of our clients, you can have piece of mind knowing your vehicle is always ready for the next drive.


Our team performs visual and mechanical inspections with every check in to ensure no damage has occurred, systems are good and the vehicle is ready to be driven.

Battery & Fluid Health

We know batteries and fluid in the summer heat are under a lot of stress. We always perform checks on the battery, charge them if needed and check various fluids.


Changing temperatures or lack of driving can have dangerous effects on tires from low pressures to flat spots. With our check-ins, you can be confident they're safe.

Concierge & Dealer Services

At Podium, we know that your time is valuable.
We pick up your car from your garage, take it to the dealership or service provider, and return it to your garage once the work is complete.


As a client, we will schedule and arrange all the required services needed for your vehicles.

Pick Up & Drop Off

We handle all logistics from dropping your vehicle off to picking it up and returning it directly to your garage.


Our team works with many amazing companies across AZ and can help your vehicles get the best treatment.

Vehicle Detailing

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We cover everything from basic maintenance washes to full vehicle detailing. These services are apart of every vehicle management membership as well as pay-per-service for non-members!

Vehicle Brokerage

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With our extensive network, Podium can help buy or sell any vehicle. We do all the heavy lifting so all you do is provide us vehicle details and we'll get to work!

Have a car you want to sell or looking for a something?
Our team has helped many people find buyers and sellers for all types of cars!

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We're excited to help keep your vehicles and investments in top condition.